Four ways Microsoft Teams Rooms Can Enhance Collaboration

When Microsoft Teams was first introduced in late 2016, nobody could have predicted how important it would become. The  “new chat-based workspace in Office 365” promised to bring people together and help them collaborate online, in a bid to help more companies consider remote working and create a greener, more productive business landscape.  

Fast forward just six years, and the post-pandemic working world is very different. Now, 73% of people expect to be able to work from home and/or other places outside of the office, and 80% of companies are considering remote work at least some of the time. Hybrid working is here to stay, and as attitudes have changed, so has technology. Now companies of all sizes must embrace this new way of working and bridge the gaps between remote, hybrid and on-site working.

Microsoft Teams Rooms was launched in 2019 to take the online meeting experience one step further and make it more authentic and enjoyable. Here are four ways MTR is enhancing collaboration and creating better meeting experiences, whether participants are working in the office or anywhere else in the world. 

It fosters inclusivity

We’ve come a long way from early video meetings, when remote workers were at a clear disadvantage to their office-based colleagues and often felt excluded from the full meeting experience. Thanks to technology like Microsoft Teams Rooms, everyone gets the same experience no matter where they are. Intelligent cameras can zoom in on whoever’s talking, and inclusive meeting layouts like Front Row create an immersive experience where everyone can be seen at once. 

It’s flexible

Pretty much any space with an internet connection can be turned into a Teams Room. Gone are the days when conferences would be restricted to rows of people talking to each other across a long table and craning their necks to look at tv screens. Now everyone has a shared view, in a space that works for them. 

It works on multiple devices

A Microsoft Teams Room is a dedicated piece of hardware that’s managed by a compatible central device and installed in a meeting space. Microsoft Teams Rooms can be accessed on a vast range of devices, including mobile phones. This means team members can jump on a call to share ideas and discuss issues wherever they are, whether that means commuting, working from home, or lying on the beach. 

It provides powerful analytics

Successful collaboration is all about understanding each other, and MTR can help with this too. Admins can gain powerful information like how many participants joined the meeting, how many different devices were used and identify when any go offline. Information is also available on the overall health of each MTR, including connection strength and device faults.

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