Steve Brown

Head of Technical Services

Meet Steve Brown

Background and Experience I embarked on my journey in the technical services industry 17 years ago, starting with installation tasks. Over five years, I honed my skills in this domain before transitioning to a service role. For the next 11 years, I found my passion in servicing and maintaining various client sites across 15 countries. My expertise spans a wide range of systems, from those used in meeting rooms and town hall environments to sophisticated LED walls and auditorium setups. Progressing further, I took an office-based role focusing on remote support and diagnostics for diverse equipment such as DSPs, control systems, and UC equipment, leading me to my current role as Technical Services Manager.

A Day in the Life In my role, each day brings new challenges and experiences. One day, I might be involved in maintaining critical equipment, while the next could see me reconfiguring a complex AVoIP system across an entire estate. This variety is what keeps my job exciting and fulfilling.

Passions and Skills What I cherish most about my job is the diversity it offers. It’s not just about the technology; it’s about the people I meet, the new technologies I encounter, and the different places I get to visit. The three core skills I bring to my team are a comprehensive knowledge base from various roles, excellent timekeeping, and unwavering perseverance.

Creating a Happy Workplace I believe a happy workplace is built on effective communication, strong teamwork, and a healthy sense of humor.

Life Beyond Work Outside the office, you’ll find me enjoying quality time with my wife and two children, exploring National Trust and RHS sites, or walking our working cocker spaniel. And on days when I’m feeling especially motivated, a trip to the gym for a sauna is on the cards.

A Fun Fact About Me I once challenged myself to run four half marathons in a single month – a testament to my dedication and perseverance, both in my personal and professional life.