Rob Hazell

Head of Projects

Meet Rob Hazell

Background and Experience My career in the AV industry began 13 years ago as a junior installation engineer. Since then, my path has led me through various engineering and commissioning roles, culminating in a 6-year tenure as a project manager. This role, centered around overseeing projects in the EMEA region, has been a significant part of my journey before joining Workspace AV as the Head of Projects.

A Day in the Life Every day in my role is dynamic and engaging. It typically involves visiting client sites for surveys or attending meetings to discuss upcoming installations. When not on-site, I’m in the office, meticulously planning and preparing for future installations.

Passions and Skills What I love most about my job is the opportunity to work collaboratively with a team to meet and exceed our clients’ AV needs. The synergy and accomplishments we achieve together are deeply fulfilling.

Bringing Skills to the Table The three main skills I contribute to my team are exceptional organization, clear and effective communication, and proficient time management. These skills are essential in ensuring that projects are executed smoothly and efficiently.

Creating a Happy Workplace I believe that a happy workplace is fostered through open communication, strong teamwork, and maintaining a positive attitude in all we do.

Life Beyond Work Away from work, my greatest joy is spending time with my partner and young daughter. These moments are precious and offer a balance to my professional life.

A Fun Fact About Me One interesting fact about me is that as a child, I dreamed of flying a small airplane. This dream is about to become a reality, as I have scheduled my first flying lesson in February 2024. It’s a step towards fulfilling a lifelong passion and, hopefully, the first of many more to come!