Warren Begent

Lead Solutions Engineer

Professional Journey: Warren brings a wealth of experience to the Workspace Audio Visual team, with a career spanning over a decade in the AV industry. His journey began with a 10-year stint as a subcontractor for AV ELITE, where he honed his skills in AV engineering. Following this, Warren spent 17 months as an AV engineer at Visavvi/SCC, further solidifying his expertise in the field.

A Day in the Life of Warren: Warren’s typical day is dynamic and client-focused. It starts with traveling to the job site, where he liaises with clients to understand their needs. His expertise shines through in the installation process, ensuring everything is set up perfectly. Post-installation, he takes the time to demonstrate the system to clients, ensuring they’re comfortable and happy with the new tech.

Passion for the Job: What Warren loves most about his job is the opportunity to work with the latest technology. His commitment to installing these cutting-edge systems to the best of his ability is not just a professional mandate but a personal passion.

Skills That Make Warren Stand Out:

  1. Exceptional Communication: Warren excels in interacting with both colleagues and clients, ensuring clear and effective collaboration.
  2. Top-notch Installation: His installations are a benchmark in quality, meeting the highest standards.
  3. Unwavering Focus: Warren is known for his dedication to overcoming challenges and successfully completing projects, no matter the hurdles.

Creating a Happy Workplace: Warren believes that effective communication and teamwork are the bedrock of a positive and productive workplace. His approach fosters an environment where everyone works cohesively towards common goals.

Life Beyond Work: When he’s not mastering AV systems, Warren can be found on the golf course, unwinding and enjoying the game. He also loves spending quality time socialising with friends and family.

Fun Fact: A sports enthusiast at heart, Warren is particularly passionate about football. He’s not shy about celebrating his team’s victories – if they win, you’re sure to hear about it!