The beauty of intelligent lighting

Did you know that over 80% of human perception occurs through our sight? The visual field is hugely influential in every aspect of our lives, particularly at work, which is why it’s essential to get office lighting right.

Today’s workplace illuminations must not only be functional, but also easy on the eye, environmentally friendly and inspiring. Get it right, and you’ll have a beautifully lit space that keeps everyone safe and encourages productivity. Get it wrong, and there can be significant impacts on employee wellbeing and Health & Safety. These top tips will help you achieve the right balance.

Install intelligent lighting

Research has shown that well-lit offices can help keep employees healthy and reduce absences, whilst also enabling them to focus on important tasks. But well-lit shouldn’t be confused with over-lit. Although it’s widely accepted that glaring fluorescent lights are a big no-no in contemporary workplace design, many buildings today are still too brightly lit throughout. This is because light levels are often set to one level throughout the entire space, even when they’re not being used. This wastes energy, which obviously has an environmental impact as well as a financial one.

By adding intelligent, energy efficient lighting controls that fit your specific needs you can make your building work harder for you. Whole building solutions such as Quantum from our partners Lutron allow you to manage both electric light and daylight from a desktop, for maximum efficiency, comfort and productivity throughout the entire building.

Let employees control the light in their own space

One study found that when employees have personal control over their lighting they feel more valued and appreciated at work, which in turn made them more productive. Different people respond to light in different ways, so giving people the autonomy to choose what works best for them can go a long way towards creating a happy workplace.

Don’t prioritise aesthetics over function

Employees are more likely to want to come into a workplace that looks attractive and welcoming, and lighting is a great way to enhance the atmosphere. Whether you’re considering mood lighting, subtle spotlights or huge installations to create a youthful, modern vibe, lights can play a huge part in the overall look and feel of your workplace.

But no matter how important pretty lighting and associated fixtures can be, never forget its real purpose. Fundamentally, good lighting is about keeping people safe and comfortable. While softer lighting can be great in huddle spaces, it could spell disaster in other parts of the building. Ensure isolated spaces or areas where people need clear visibility for manual tasks are brightly lit and keep the muted tones for cosy, social spaces.

Use scheduling tools and Daylight Controls

It goes without saying that there’s no point having bright lights on during daylight hours, but lots of buildings have lights blaring even when they’re unoccupied. Modern solutions include an integral timelock feature that allows users to schedule lighting and blinds accordingly, which can significantly boost energy savings as well as the health and safety of everyone in the building.

Learn from data

With the right tools in place, you can simplify your lighting use and monitor energy consumption levels. Reporting and trending features provide valuable insights into which areas are being used when, so you can maximise your lighting, be more energy efficient and reduce your costs.

Would your office space benefit from a lighting revamp? Drop us a message to find out how our office design experts can help!

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